Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 16 Dec 2016

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Worldprofit's Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch kicked off the training session promptly and got down to business.



The focus of the training was how to SPEED up your promotions! Sure-fire methods for SAVING TIME when doing your promotions.
George demonstrated how by taking a few hours now to set up your promotions, you can save THOUSANDS of hours later. 

Questions and demonstration requests are encouraged in the training - these weekly sessions are all about helping, there are no dumb questions. Ask and you shell receive! For those Members unable to attend the LIVE training, you can submit your questions or requests for demonstrations, via a Support form  then you can watch the recording later to get your answers or demos. We cater to your needs that's how important this training is to you. 

Training Topics covered in this session.

Top 10 Recommended Time Savers

1. Post Box
2. JitBit Autotext
3. Lazy Blogger (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships)
4. Promo Organizer (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships)
5. Lead Funnels (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships)
6. 24 Monitors Team. Members promote - the Monitors close. Unique to Worldprofit and one of your BEST sales tools.
7. Prospect Emailer (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships)
8. OPTIONAL paid advertising sources (traffic blaster packages, traffic pkgs, exclusive leads, FastTrack Ad Co-op)
9. Call Loop (free trial)
10. LIVE Chat

Discussion Topics:

What to do if you are a NEW Worldprofit Member.

Instant Sales pages versus Capture Pages? When to use what and why.

The value of a 2nd Monitor for your computer

Lesson 3, how to get your bonuses, why Lesson 3 is so important to you!
It's the foundation level of your growing business. Master the skills in Lesson 3 and you can apply this to ANY onlien business so you start making sales now and for the LEFTIME of your growing business.


Call Loop
LIVE Chat System


1. New dynamic "Holiday" landing page available now.
2. We are looking for new Monitors to join our Team. Learn and get some nice perks too! Submit a Support ticket and we will send you details.
3. NO monitor meeting this Saturday or next Saturday

Need help?

Any questions, or concerns, submit a Support Ticket so we can help you. We are here 7 days a week / 365 days to assist you. Use us!


Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE Training session today. We appreciate your comments, questions, and feedback so the training is meaningful to both the individual and all members.

--->  The next LIVE training session is Friday Dec, 23rd at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Affiliate Marketing Online - How To Be Successful Quickly

Marketing Online Success In order to achieve the highest level of marketing online success, you need a few basics. These "tools" will make it possible for you to make money and build a real business online. It isn't a high cost, but it will take some time to find all the tools you need and to learn the skills.
I sometimes fear that I sound like a broken record, but I truly do hate to see people work hard only to fail because they simply don't know what to do or are being misled by others who are only trying to make money.

So in order to ensure your own marketing online success, please heed the tips I'm about to give you. I have been doing this for many years and I know what I'm talking about. Most of this information I learned the hard way - by making the very mistakes I'm trying to get you to avoid.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Get an education. It doesn't have to be at your local college, there are many training resources available right online for minimal cost. Also, since these online courses can be accessed any time of the day or night, it is easier for working adults to find the time to complete them. You don't have to accommodate someone else's schedule.

Many of these courses can be completed in just a few weeks, and you may be able to actually start making some money while you are going through the course.

Whatever options you choose just make sure you get educated on how the various parts of marketing online fit together.

- See more at: http://worldcashmachine.com/blog/default.cfm/2016/12/29/Marketing-Online-Success#sthash.h8lotzwm.dpuf

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turning Twitter Followers Into Customers

Research Your Market

Let's jump right in and talk about how you can use Twitter to conduct your market research. Every business has a target market, but the simple fact is that many business owners often miss the mark because they don’t know the true needs of their market.

By using Twitter, you can easily listen to the needs of your prospects, the issues they are currently facing and the kind of help that they want.

Whenever you meet someone new on Twitter it's a good idea to try to establish a good relationship from the start. Think like your customer. You buy from people who you trust and like. Your target market also behaves the same way. It is important, especially in social marketing that you get to know your clients and do your best to win their trust and confidence.

A good rule of thumb is to try and keep 90% of your tweets full of helpful content and try to limit your promotional ones. By doing so, you can attract more followers and hopefully customers.

Share Your Expertise

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

How To Use A Google Adwords Coupon Effectively

Using a Google Adwords coupon is a great way to get ahead of the curve and give yourself a much needed boost when you need to make money quickly. While of course, that's probably the fastest way you could ever make money on the internet, it is a boon to anyone who is pulling their belts tight to pay for various bills, including hosting costs. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must first fully understand what Google Adwords is. - See more at: http://worldcashmachine.com/blog/default.cfm/2016/12/25/How-A-Google-Adwords-Coupon-Will-Save-Your-Money#sthash.N4R1VlSB.dpuf

Friday, December 23, 2016

How To Spot High Quality MLM Opportunities

"Best MLMs" is a term that many newcomers to the industry, as well as existing MLMers who are considering joining a new opportunity, seek when doing their research. In reality, this term is very subjective--what is important to the person who is offering the information may not be as important to you. However there are certain aspects of MLMs that are generally good indicators of the opportunity's potential to grant you what you are looking for--here are some of them.

Products/Services As an MLM distributor, you will earn money from the products you sell, so it's fundamental that those products be consumable. This means that they are consumed on a regular basis. Good examples of these types of products are nutritional supplements, personal care items like make-up and skin care products, hair care, etc. Vacuum cleaners, or other long-life products are not generally viable. While you may make a lot of money from one sale, you will have to constantly be on the look-out for new customers in order to maintain a healthy income. With consumable items, you can continue to make commissions each month from just one customer.


This aspect of best mlms is rather controversial in nature. Some successful MLMers will insist that the best way to profit in network marketing is to get in on a launch opportunity. These are usually people who have already been successful with other companies and are interested in trying their hand at something new. However, new MLM companies are born every day. And new MLM companies die every day too. They are more risky, so make sure you do your research on financial backing, leadership, and team support before you jump on the bandwagon. A basic rule of thumb is to go with companies that have been around for at least five years.

Compensation Plan

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

4 Affiliate Marketing Tips Simple and Fast

4 Affiliate Marketing Tips Simple and Fast

#Makingmoneyonline with #affiliatemarketing is one of the best #homebusinesses you can start. It's quick and easy to start, though you will need to learn some new skills. If you're willing to invest a little time and effort the rewards can be huge. Just use these #affiliate #marketing tips as a starting point. Continue to learn all you can and be willing to use what you've learned. If you do, you can make virtually as much money as you want. - See more at: http://worldcashmachine.com/blog/default.cfm/2016/07/22/4-Affiliate-Marketing-Tips-Simple-and-Fast#sthash.ElYB51Cg.dpuf